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ornament n : something used to beautify [syn: decoration, ornamentation]


1 make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day" [syn: decorate, adorn, grace, embellish, beautify]
2 be an ornament to; "stars ornamented the Christmas tree"

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ornament (plural ornaments)
  1. An element of decoration.
  2. A Christmas tree decoration
  3. Music. a musical flourish that are unnecessary to the overall melodic or harmonic line, but serve to decorate or "ornament" that line.

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An element of decoration
a musical flourish
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

acciaccatura, add, adjoin, adjunct, adorn, adornment, affix, agglutinate, anacrusis, annex, append, appoggiatura, arabesque, arrangement, array, asiaticism, attach, bass passage, beauties, beautify, bedeck, bedizen, blazon, blue ribbon, bonus, bourdon, bridge, burden, cadence, cadenza, chorus, coda, color, color patterns, coloratura, colors, colors of rhetoric, complicate, conjoin, convolute, cordon, cordon bleu, credit, dandify, deck, deck out, decor, decorate, decoration, decoration of honor, development, device, distinction, division, dizen, doll up, dress, dress up, elaborate, elaboration, elegant variation, embellish, embellishment, emblazon, emblazonment, emblazonry, embroider, embroidery, encumber, enrich, euphuism, exposition, extra, extra added attraction, extra dash, festoon, fig out, figurative language, figurativeness, figure, figure of speech, filigree, filling, fillip, fine writing, fioritura, fix up, flight, floridity, floridness, flourish, flower, flower arrangement, floweriness, flowers of speech, flowery style, folderol, frill, furbish, furniture arrangement, garnish, garnishment, garniture, garter, gild, glory, glue on, gold star, grace, grace note, grand cordon, great honor, gussy up, harmonic close, hitch on, honor, illumination, image, imagery, incidental, incidental note, infix, interlude, intermezzo, introductory phrase, involve, join with, lagniappe, load with ornament, long mordent, lushness, luxuriance, manner of speaking, measure, mordent, movement, musical phrase, musical sentence, nonliterality, nonliteralness, order, ornamentation, overcharge, overlay, overload, padding, paint, part, passage, paste on, period, phrase, plus, postfix, pralltriller, prank, prank up, preen, prefix, premium, prettify, primp, primp up, prink, prink up, purple passage, purple patches, put with, red ribbon, redecorate, redo, refrain, refurbish, resolution, response, riband, ribbon, ritornello, roulade, run, saddle with, section, set off, set out, single mordent, slap on, smarten, smarten up, something extra, spruce up, stanza, star, statement, strain, stuffing, subjoin, suffix, superadd, superaddition, superpose, tack on, tag, tag on, tailpiece, titivate, trick out, trick up, trim, trimming, trope, turn, turn of expression, tutti, tutti passage, twist, unite with, variation, varnish, verse, way of speaking, window dressing, wrinkle
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